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Panoramic dental x-rays use a very small dose of ionizing radiation to capture an image of the entire mouth.


They are typically done by dentists and oral surgeons in daily practice, and can be used to plan treatment for false teeth, dental appliances, extractions, and implants.

This exam requires little or no special preparation. 

The bone scan panoramic, also known as X-rays panoramic, is a two-dimensional (2-D) X-ray dental exam that captures images of the entire mouth in one shot, including the teeth, lower and upper jaws, and structures and tissues surrounding.

The jaw is a curved structure similar to a horse's horseshoe. However, panoramic X-rays produce a flat image of this curved structure. It generally provides details of the bones and teeth.

Unlike X-rays intraoral traditional, where the radiographic plate/X-ray detector is placed inside the mouth, the plate for a panoramic X-ray is built into the machine.

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Cephalometric Lateral


 CT Superior Maxillary

Mandibular CT

TMJ resonance

Solid facial CT

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